The following Muses are under development to work with Mnemosyne.
For information on developing new Muses see Architecture#Muses.

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Integration of the Herbie system for improving the accuracy of floating-point expressions.

Dynamic Invariant Generation (DIG)

Execution trace driven Dynamic Invariant Generation (DIG).

Software Search Replace (SSR)

AST-level software search and replacement. Enables automated structured library replacement using pre-defined rules.


Integration of the Trinity An Extensible Synthesis Framework for Data Science technique for program synthesis.

Galois Autocomplete

Fork of the Galois project for machine learning based code completion.

Argument Predictor

Probabilistic code completion of callsite arguments using a statistical database.


Automated program repair technique.


Integration of the TypeWriter technique for the inference of types in Python.

Hypothesis Tests

Type-driven automated tests using the hypothesis library

Compiler Explorer

Integration of the Compiler Explorer interactive compiler framework.